🔷 Beyerdynamic T5 Gen3

This is the official thread for the Beyerdynamic T5.3

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  • Type: Over ear
  • Amp needed: Yes
  • Closed Back

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I got my new-to-me T5’s today. I have been curious about these since they were announced.

I used to have the T5p.2’s but ended up moving on from them because they required a lot of EQ for my tastes. To me, it was too much treble and not enough bass.

I saw an ad on CAM for these and offered a trade (ATH-WP900’s), which was refused. I then offered the LCD-2 Classic’s which was accepted.

It can sometimes be jarring to change from one headphone to another. Today was a good example of that. I went from several hours with my CFA Cascades to these. The initial reaction was, “These suck!”
Then I put the WP900’s on and thought, “But they’re much better than these.”

I put them back on and 20 minutes and two amps later I start to warm up to them. Back to the Pro iCAN and there is the bass. Now they sound good. The Cascades seem to ruin every other closed back for me. :laughing:

I jump into Florence and the Machine and everything is sounding good. The vocals, the horns and drums are sounding just fine. After about 45 minutes I slide into Dave Matthews. I am now about four hours into it, including a nap.

They don’t have the bass of the Cascades, but they don’t have the recessed mids of the WP900’s either. And the treble sounds fine, unlike the WP900’s which is grating, to me. The isolation is pretty good too.

It is way too early to have a valid opinon, but I think these might just be a nice all round closed back that I could take to work or anywhere mobile. I will test them on my DAP and phone down the road.

Of course I felt this way about the T5p.2’s for the first month, so things could change. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’ve never heard anything from Beyer before…but the Black & Decker WP900 orbital sander doesn’t look like it would sound good, no matter what you did. heck, I’d expect it them to be quite painful to listen to!

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You just have to be willing to experiment.

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I am really starting to enjoy the sound of these. I went through my test list and everything sounds good. Yesterday I was into Dave Matthews, Florence and the Machine, some various and finished off with Deftones.

The last one surprised me. My Deftones playlist is a mix of Team Sleep, Crosses and Deftones. Sometimes these headphones seem a little bass-lite, but that might just be me comparing every closed back to the Cascades. :laughing:

The first song in the playlist is a Crosses tune and the bass is so low it rumbles. I don’t recall any other headphone presenting that kind of rumble through the headphones. Very cool!

In my test list I have a few thumpers and these pounded it out loud and proud. I.E.:
Muse - Dig Down
Counting Crows - Hanginaround
Def Leppard - Photograph
Beck - Wave

I would never describe these as bassy, but if you have bass in your music, these will present it in full. :+1:

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