Beyerdynamic TYGR or Hifiman Deva?

Hey all, I’m looking to pick up new pair of cans soon, and I’m trying to decide between the Beyerdynamic TYGR or the Hifiman Deva. My current cans are the Sennheiser 58x, Hifiman 4xx, and the Sivga Phoenix. I love all of them for different reasons, such as the 58x’s rich mids and the 4xx’s soundstage, but I want to try out “upgrading” my lineup. I’m a bit treble sensitive though, so should I be worried about these options? The 4xx is about as bright and sibilant as I’m willing to go for everyday use without an EQ (though I do have some good EQ software".

I posted similar reply on different thread.

I also have 58x and was considering 4xx. But I ended up getting Deva with Bluetooth dongle open box from hifiman directly. So far I think I made the right choice. I think Deva has great mids. It has wider soundstage than 58x (probably similar to 4xx). Overall, I like Deva better than 58x. I can’t really wear 58x for long time due to its clamping force. And the Bluetooth dongle is very handy while still sounding great.