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  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: No but better with
  • Driver Type: 2BA 2DD 2EST 2BCD

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thanks. just im not found bgvp or phantom tread. can you tell how sounds phantom in mids and highs vs mest mk ii ? in details,sound tone bright ,neutral or warm. bass im see phantom is better vs mest mkii and better vs butastur? asking for phantom as im see pair it with my fiio utws5 mmcx box.

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hello,does any owned phantom/ how its sound tone? what size shell compared to other tribrids?

It’s a very odd one as far as tone is concerned. Like the upper mid region felt muted and that’s where a lot of music happens so it definitely colored the sound and not in the way I prefer. In that respect something like the MEST Mk. 2 is far better for me and I’d say it beats my Monarch Mk. 3 on that front.

The Phantom is actually very light and small and I had no issues with fitment. Like, it was surprisingly light.

What the Phantom is is that it’s way overpriced for the sound quality. If they priced it at $300 or something I’d entertain it but at $900 it was a bust. Hell, even when I went to sell it I found that I was the first owner to sell it on both Reddit and Head-Fi. Nobody had heard of it and someone ended up buying it from me so they could review it. Weeks later they listed it back up for sale and when I asked them what they thought of it, their answer was “meh it was okay”.

Not all IEMs are winners and this one certainly can be an expensive mistake to make if you’re wanting to experience Bone Conduction. Used MEST Mk. 2s can be found for < $800 these days and if you go for MEST Mk. 1 it can be even cheaper. Keep in mind that it’s common to get driver flex with the MEST series so if that bothers you then look elsewhere.


here is twister6 review of phantom. he said phantom is on par with fibae5,mest mkii,symphonium helios,kinerra nanna2.0. if i believe you,then review not true and is paid by bgvp?!.. maybe not 300usd,but 2DD 2BCD 2BA 2EST combo maybe good for 500usd . So ,if im was lookking monarch mkiii vs phantom, best is go for mkiii. As you said mest mkii is very big shell.

BGVP Phantom – Twister6 Reviews

The mmk3 is a great iem, just get that. There will be a reason not many ppl purchased the phantom.

I can’t confirm, but I seriously doubt the phantom is on par with those iem’s. I have the Helio SE, so whilst I haven’t heard the phantom, I’m very confident it’s not in the same league as the Helios or MMK3.

It also has bloated lower mids due to the bass bleed. Not for me, although that’s just my preference. The mmk3 and HSE have clean mids.


thanks. symphonium helios more neutral sound? what sound is of phantom? bass heavy warm? and sound of mkiii is U shaped?

Helios se is neutral with a sub bass boost. Mmk3 is U shaped boarding on a V.

No idea on phantom, but it’s likely to sound warm due to the measurement.

No idea on any mest variant sorry, ive not had the opportunity to listen to to one, yet.



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Yeah, I have both. They do graph quite similar and it’s easy to see (hear) why.

The variations have ever so slightly more midbass and upper mid presence.

The HSE sounds better though, and is technically a class or two above.


As you said mest mkii is very big shell.

MEST Mk. 2 does not have a big shell. The Monarch Mk. 3 does, though.

but 2DD 2BCD 2BA 2EST combo maybe good for 500usd

You shouldn’t be looking at driver types and count for price. The price is whatever the company thinks people will buy it for.


so, mkiii shell is a bit bigger vs mest II ? how much weight mkiii body?

It’s not really the weight of the IEMs but it is just on the bigger side.

BTW, I just got a notification from MusicTeck that their MEST Mk.2 is only $899 right now. Might interest you.

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for mest mkiii or monarch mkiii im easy choose mmkiii. mest mkii mids recessed vs mmkiii. i like mids and highs lot in sound. bass more neutral i enoujg for me. so, i like neutral bright tone? or just neutral?

I recently got the phantom (metal nozzle version)and i am impressed. I am not an IEM person but have some hifi gear. My primary headphones are hifiman he1000v2 and i drive them with mojo2. I also have Mark and Levinson 5909 headphones, Audeze LCD i3. I find phantom sound on par with HE1000v2 with the obvious differences (iem vs open planar headphones - Imaging and soundstaging is superior/fundamentally different in he1000v2).
I absolutely love the bass, mids and high end clarity (detail retrieval) in phantom and for iem’s they have amazing soundstage. The overall tuning feels neutral. Its important to tip roll to get perfect sound. Bass and clarity varies with tips.
Unfortunately i cant compare with other 1000$ iem’s as i have none but can say i am very happy with my purchase.

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