Bi- amp class d hybrid to low end driver?

Okay just got myself a cheap Class D tube amplifier from Parts Express I also have a Cambridge a xr100 I initially bought tube amp just to just see what it would sound like on my Klipsch rp600 then I had this brainstorm LOL?! What if I ran the class D tube amp to the low end of the Klipsch?? I know that most subwoofers use class D…I have turned into a mad scientist ! I just want to make sure before I do it I’m not going to fry anyting?

Which tube amp, I doubt it’s class D, that’s very much SS specific topology. - I see it, it’s a Hybrid.
I will give you my 2c on Bi amping.
It can be a win, IF your speakers are particularly difficult to drive. You want the better amp on the midrange and tweeter.

For a while I ran a 500W class D stage amp to the Bass driver of my VMPS RM2’s, and a 135W Tube amp to the other drivers. Better bass response and Bass control than the tube amp alone.

BUT those speakers have a 12 inch bass driver and are extremely inefficient, people struggle to
driven them with 100W amps. And while my Tube amp is class A 135W/Channel, it won’t be near that where the impedance drops are in the frequency response.

As I said better bi amped, BUT I don’t run them that way anymore, it’s a lot of messing around to get the two amps to be balanced, and even after measuring I found myself messing with it constantly. Not worth it for me.

It is a Class D 100% sure I returned it not for me I never tried bi-amping apparently the gain has to match on both amplifiers in order for it to sound correct. Wound up buying a Class A set tube amp. Oh by the way I have Klipsch RP 600m I also have elac unify 2.0 UB 52 Cambridge audio a xr100 amplifier and Class A tube amp thinking of getting rid of the elac and the Cambridge… amazing sound from the Klipsch with the tube amp like angels singing LOL

Forget all that by amping bi-wiring