Bic Acoustech PL-200 II Subwoofer

Has anyone heard this sub before or owns it? this is AVS forums number one rated sub, its a ported 12" with a 1000w peak and 250w rms amp and is only $300!!! if your on a budget and looking to go duels (which you should) or want to try it out this seems like a great start.

It’s a pretty great sub. More for movies and tv then music imo but it is seriously a good buy

Why do you say its not for music? because it’s ported?

That’s just my opinion, as it can work fine for music, but it doesn’t have the most even frequency response, and doesn’t seem to smoothly integrate with some speakers, but that’s just my opinion. I would still say its worth it

Also really doesn’t reach that well under 40hz

These are the measurements on that sub, I don’t know much about reading measurements. maybe you can discern them better than I can.

Yeah, you want something more even responding for music imo.

Is that why they always say sealed subs are more “musical”?

Somewhat, it really just depends on the sub. Typically sealed deliver a more even response at the expense of volume in a certain range, but it depends on how the sub was designed, as I have heard many “musical” subs that were ported

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