BIC America DV62SIB

Anyone have experience with these particular speakers? I’m unfamiliar with BIC America offerings beyond their famous F12 subwoofer.

I posted a while ago about recommendations for large bookshelves (around 6" woofers) under $350 USD and received a few different options, but recently came across these speakers on Amazon for $119 a pair.

They claim to be able to handle 175 Watts, 90db at 1W/1M, claim 43Hz - 20kHz , are rear ported, have a two way crossover, and come with 6.5" woofers and 0.75" dome tweeters.

Sounds like a pretty amazing deal if they, and here’s the kicker, sound good. Feel free to chime in if you are familiar with these or check them out yourself if you’re curious. Can’t say I’ve seen any other 6.5’s at this price so I’m definitely open to jumping on them.

Here’s a link for you lovely folks: