BIC F12 Price Increase

Anyone notice this too? The price rose from 210 to 230, an increase of 10% (roughly). At this price, that is an increase of reasonable significance. Any ideas for why?? Overseas tariffs?

20$ is nothing…
But 22999$ is something! Check that price update!

Some price variation happens nearly on every product and Amazon is known to do it, often. Place something in cart and bing barabum price changes.

It’s totally normal… just buy the “poop” you want or need and be done with it. lol
Cheapes sub im looking is 419$ a JBL sub and i dont even need it.
So 20$ is nothing.

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the f12 routinely varies in price by about up to 50$ depending on world stock

edit: its the #1 value rated sub for HT for cheap.

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I want to use it for music… doh!

it does respecable with music as well. im just saying why its sold out/price fluxes so much.

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Nothing wrong with good and affordable.

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