BIC F12 vs OSD Trevoce Triple 10

I had my sights set on the bic f12, but after considering how it might be slow and sluggish for normal music I started looking for alternatives. I think I found one, using dsp (i will be using a minidsp) the trevoce can hit the same low end as the f12 (25hz) while being much more musical and punchy/quick (on paper). Anyone think this switch is the right move? This will be a music only setup, but I have a good amount of really deep digging songs so I need low frequency overhead.

(25) OSD Subwoofers with DSP | Trevoce DSP 8", 10", & 12" Affordable Subwoofer Review - YouTube

AmazonSmile: BIC America F12 12-Inch 475-Watt Front Firing Powered Subwoofer : Electronics

AmazonSmile: OSD Black Trevoce Triple 10" Home Theater 500W Powered Subwoofer, Faux Leather Finish : Electronics

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Bigger one is 10$ more… on sale.

But since they don’t give proper measurements. Probably not…?
Price drop of ~300$ on MSRP is kinda waat after 2 years? With sale like 400$…?
Make question the quality and why.

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The 15+ year old approaching 20 (2004!!!) design of the F12 can’t be much better if at all than the possibly bad design of the osd TT, and I may snag a 12" on sale (when does it go on sale?) once i’m ready to buy. I got the low end numbers from joe and tells vid I linked above. He is definitely a measurement type of guy so I trust what he is saying, especially using a dsp. I already know the watt ratings are bs (max or dynamic, not rms) but the F12 isn’t far off the same sin so I’m not really concerned. had joe not made a video on them and recommended them (he doesn’t like everything) then I wouldn’t have bothered they were worth my time based on the weird specs and pricing strategy. to be fair, they do “appear” of quality that things around the initial msrp would match, at least aesthetically.