Bifrost 2 for 2.0 TV setup?

Hey people, wondering if anyone has used a Bifrost 2 from their TV?

I have some bookshelf speakers that I want to use, they’re active speakers, so I don’t need an amp (Might get one later)

Is this a foolish idea? I know Schiit is well known for their USB interface, Although I can only use optical from the TV.

Plan B) Would be to have the TV connected to a media PC and run USB to the DAC and HDMI to the TV.


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By a quick look, it does not have volume control.
If the speakers have volume control, should be ok.

Yeah there is a volume remote for the Speakers. - Thanks for your input.

It’s worth trying. I run optical from my TV to a Soncoz LA-QXD1 for headphone listening, and it’s great. I’m sure the Bifrost 2 will be fine, maybe overkill? But overkill is half the fun! I put an iFi SPDIF iPurifier 3 on the optical out between my TV and DAC to “purify” the signal :rofl: works great!

Thanks! - Well I have talked myself down from Yggdrasil and or the Gungnir. So I am going to spend $600-1500 less! which would be better spent on some potential acoustic paneling. I went and got the Edifier S3000 Pro’s. So a $700 DAC for $800 Speakers makes a little more sense :sweat_smile:

Not sure about the purifier, that sounds over the top! :blush: :heart:

Since the Speakers are active I am avoiding the Saga +
With Active speakers and living in an apartment, it would be capable of things I couldn’t even get away with lol.

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Edifier S3K’s have a DSP and then another DAC after that, two for each speaker I think. I’m not sure if they would sound better with an analog signal feeding it. Do please let me know how it works out! If they do sound better with a Bifrost 2 attached I’ll try feeding mine with an Ares 2.

I found they sounded better coming from my PC → Schiit Stack → Speakers. So I will be keen to hear them from TV → Bifrost → Speakers.

Will see what Black Friday Sales Bring.

Most likely the “slave” unit only has audio receiver and DAC,AMP.
The “master” unit has sender unit with the “brain” for audio handling and DAC,AMP.

If both units had similar back sides, then they most likely would have similar DSP,DAC,AMP features and cable connection for both.

You still need to convert the digital signal from the master unit to a analog signal to amplify no?

Yes. Morning brain fart.
Still. No audio processing.

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Yeah, I just need better processing out of the TV - I watched the Batman Trilogy with Christian Bale and was disappointed in the sound.

I hooked up my ares 2 to the s3k for fun and they do sound different, but sadly it’s worse.

They became less detailed with a softer presentation and gained none of the strengths of the ares 2. IMO save your money and get a good source like a pi2aes instead.

Pi2aes or Digione makes these speakers sing!