Bifrost 2 | Gungnir MB | RME adi 2 dac | Denafraps Ares 2 | Holo Audio Cyan

Looking to get an r2r/multibit dac. Looking to spend around 1k$ Some of the choices are above, some are below some right at.

This will be for music. I listen to a very wide variety of music, from classical to pop(no country, life depressing enough without that crap!).

I like a warm presentation and nothing gives me goosebumps listening more then good vocals. I love a good vocal track.

Have been looking at most of them for a while. The bifrost 2 is a new addition for me to the list, but I have read a lot saying the 2 is much much better than the 1. The gungnir I threw in mainly to see people response in the current market if it is still competitive. I figure schiit probably working on a reboot of it soon, so I would mainly be looking for the potential future with that one. Or used, I have seen a couple used first gen for around 800$.

The RME I have had me eye on for a while. But the more I read the less I am inclined towards it. I am more of a plug and play guy, and I think the interface may frustrate me some. DSP and everything else it offers could be really nice for my house as my old plaster walls resonate midbass like no tomorrow.

The Denafraps, by all accounts is a solid no frills dac. I like the fact that it is plug and play. I do not have to tinker with anything before I get sound.

The Holo Audio Cyan, to be honest, I can find the least info over all on. The spring line is suppose to be pretty good, so I added them on the list in hopes someone has experience with the Cyan.

I left out the Soekris dacs as to me they are ugly, sorry Soekris. They look like cheap 80’s electronics and I just can’t do it lol.

And I know there have already been some comparisons already here and there. But not many with the newer bifrost 2 and none I have seen that is asking which dac is best for vocals.

So to sum it all up: Best r2r around 1k for vocals!


So personally I am going to say bifrost 2 imo. I think it has the most of what you are looking for sound wise and is actually available lol. If you could get an ares II that would be a bit better imo but I think the bifrost 2 makes the most sense here personally


I was leaning towards it as well, if for no other reason than it will stack well with my lyr =)

But I am patient, I do not mind waiting on the ares if need be.

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The only one on the list I have experience with is the Bifrost MB v1 and I like it a lot. It’s warm and I prioritize vocals as well. I hear MB v2 is a nice upgrade. I also hear that Ares 2 is a slight upgrade, but you probably can’t get your hands on one for a while anyways. Best of luck on your decision.

The Bifrost 2 is new ground up, and from my understanding a step up from the Bifrost 1 MB, which used the same 16 bit DAC’s as the Modi MB.
When I had a similar choice to make I went with a used Gungnir MB cost me $850.
I have no regrets, opinions elsewhere.

I think I’m also going to pick up a Bifrost 2, for my second system.

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Yeah I was pretty surprised with the performance of the bifrost 2 for the price, def my pick for fun sound


As RME ADI 2 DAC fan, I would go for the Bifrost 2

the RME is also plug and play- if you don’t want to use it’s features :wink:

depending on your used AMP, the IEM hf out could be a real interesting argument for the RME if you use super efficient InEars

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