Big room recommendation

I just moved into a pretty big space, it has 14’ ceilings and the main room is about 20’x20’. It’s a loft though, so it’s pretty open into the rest of the space and the walls are thin, so I don’t want to blow my neighbors away; however, I do want to get some great sound in the space. I would prefer to do a 2.1 or 3.1 setup. I would love to do something like a vintage Klipsch (Hersey, Forte, etc.), but am open to what you all think may work? I am putting in a projector for movies, but will be listening to music maybe 75% of the time.

Thanks for making this place Zeos and DMS!

Highly recommend KEF XQ series speakers. Circa 2009. A mint pair XQ5s will set you back 800-1200 for a pair. The XQ2C center is hard to find…about 500-700. XQ1 rears are usually about 400/pr. The XQs kick butt and all have super tweeters that easily meet the hi res spec.

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What’s your budget? Take a look at GoldenEar Triton series, powered woofer section, they sound great.

Emotiva T1 if your On a budget. Neutral sounding speakers worth every penny.

I have a rare recommendation for you but if you can get your hands on one they’ll blow the cones off of any vintage Klipsch and they’re Perfect for a large space

I recommend the Acoustic Research AR9s

The AR9s were the highest end speakers in their range
Even their smaller siblings the AR94sxs sound amazing but the AR9s are just something else

These days they can be had for around $2000 and they’re worth every penny in my opinion

I use a mix of Klipsch and JBL in a medium sized room with an arched 18’ ceiling height. I happen to like the sound signature very much. Room needs treatment but i still get great party sound and i have choices. Esch of these speakers has a different sound and used for different styles of music and HT applications. What did you finally go with?

A pair of Heresy ii’s… perfect for what I wanted.

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