Big sounding, bassy warm IEM

I’m interested in fun, big sounding, bassy, and warm IEMs. Preferably ones that are works with poorly mastered materials but still have good details and clarity. Price should be $500 and below new/used.

Currently I’m looking at CA Polaris V2. Any thoughts on these? Also, I read somewhere that these aren’t very forgiving to poorly mastered materials, wondering if this is true?

I’d throw the Dunu DK-3001 and Ikko OH10 into the mix too…just above that price range used Fearless Audio ACME 8 :+1:

„Preferably ones that are works with poorly mastered materials but still have good details and clarity.“

Interestingly, this “problem” is part of my research.
And unfortunately I have to say:
„It is still not possible to “convert shit into gold”.
As an example of this I would like to mention 3 music tracks that were really bad recorded:
1.) Britney Spear’s “Toxic” from the album; In The Zone.
2.) Miley Cyrus’s “Malibu” from the album; Younger Now.
3.) Canyon City’s “Fix You” from the album; Refuge.
Testet with 16 different In-Ears at Home, about 10 at a dealer with whom i have good contacts, including the CA Polaris.
The whole thing with about 25-30 different tips in my size.
In addition 4 pairs of Bluetooth In-Ears from my collection,

with the result = määhhhh

No matter if it is played by Tidal Masters or Amazon Music HD;
It doesn’t matter whether it is played by a $ 2000 headphone amplifier or a cell phone. It always sounds bad, or at least unsatisfactory!
These songs can be ironed out a bit with more affordable in-ears like the “Venture Electronics VE Bonus IE” for around $ 18 or the “BLON BL-3” for around $ 35.
Otherwise there are some Bluetooth in-ears that can “spice up” the very thin sound quality, such as the “Bose SoundSport Free”, which I cannot really recommend for higher quality music.
In my opinion, the CA Polaris is not really fish, not meat. He is not really an audiophile, but also not a pure bass blush. Just too expensive to just have fun and not really enjoy the quiet sounds.
As Ohmboy mentioned, the IKKO OH10 is a pretty good choice when it comes to clarity, definition and bass and with a good price - performance ratio. But with slight comfort restrictions due to it‘s weight.
One level above is the Fiio FH7, which brings a little more structure into the bass area, penetrates a little more into the depth of the room
and overall is a bit more harmonious. And lighter!
However, both mercilessly uncover badly mastered pieces of music and that’s no joy to listen to.
My recommendation is therefore to work with 2 in-ears! One for the enjoyment - with bass qualities and one to “endure” the rest - also slightly bass heavy.


I am really stoked to try 3001. 13mm berry driver…so much winning possible right there.


I ordered the Polaris V2 a few days ago. When I get them, I’ll let you know what I think. My Ikko Oh1 are great though for bass.

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I agree the Polaris v1 wasn’t that impressive. I think the v2 though is pretty improved

I actually was one of the few that liked the Vega and Orion better than v1 polaris. Lyra II I sold and I still regret it.

I agree with you 100%, but at least two things would not fit.
1.) He would probably get to hear badly mastered music really intensely.
2.) The bass is too intense for my taste.
Example: The song “Heart” by Bo Stief Dream Machine; from the album “Heart & Destiny”.
From second 28 the rumbling deep bass flies around your ears in such a way that it annoys rather than satisfies.
Sounds rather unnatural and not really warm overall.
You can hear how it should sound on the CA Andromeda S, or the CA Solaris, but that’s a completely different price range.

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I might as well throw this into the mix even though it’s inexpensive. The BLON BL-03 with new tips and new wire, should cost no more than 90 dollars total, (base price without extras is under $40) has more bass than anything I have tried yet, except maybe the 1More Trident headphones. The midrange detail is pretty good, and there seems to be a slight peak in the upper mids/very low treble. The treble is very dialed back. Honestly, with new foam tips and a better wire, these things are wide for an IEM, and bassy, while still having pretty good detail. And man, on many songs I am able to hear details in the bass and lower frequencies I didn’t even know existed.
Just a thought.
There are also the Shouer Tape, which have nice bass and detailed treble, a combo of dynamic and electrostatic drivers. They are $130 brand new, also worth a consideration.
Those are some less expensive options.

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I just read in your profile that you already have all this stuff:

DUNU DK 2001, Shuoer Tape, Tin P1, BQEYZ Spring 1, BLON BL-03, Tin T3, Oriolus Finschi, JVC HA-FW01, JVC HA-FX850, BGVP DM6

Then my advice is really to save your money and actually buy something really high-endish.
Because it is not really worth trying something permanently in these cheap categories.

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Typically something higher end might actually be less forgiving with poor quality recordings tbh. Some will, but some might be less forgiving

I do agree though on saving for something a bit higher end


Ok, spent some time with the Polaris V2 and I’m actually looking to send them back. The bass is just too elevated (and I love bassy sound signatures) and the mids are non existent.

It really is a shame as I love Campfire Audio IEMs (except the IO, those are awful). If anybody is looking to buy these, I highly recommend you do your homework before buying.

Lol, I mean they are designed to be very v shaped, very impressive v shape in my mind, but I would agree it’s somewhat excessive lol

Very is an understatement. These are like DT770 32 ohm V shaped

I think the campfire atlas has similar bass performance but not as v shaped, but both are bass monsters

Haven’t heard the atlas, but want to. The Atlas, Solstice and Andromeda are the only ones that I haven’t heard. I’m still kicking myself for selling the Lyra II.

I really like the Solaris but I do think it’s a bit overpriced. Have you tried a ier-z1r? It might be a signature you would enjoy

I haven’t, but I will start researching those. My weirdo cousin still won’t shut up raving about his Jomo Haka IEMs, so I want to check those out as well.

The jomo iems are up there but pretty sweet imo. If you like something warmer, some of the JH Audio iems would be up your alley like the Roxanne or something

I would like to move to that level of iem but I am just so satisfied with what I have already that I’m not that interested

Chi-fi are on this big time… little :pound: ?