Bigger speaker vs 2.1 System

Good Day everyone,

so as I am thinking about upgrading whats at / in front of my desk I am wondering if one looking at a system up to 500$ is better of with bigger speakers including a 7 or 8 inch sub like the Adam T7v / T8v or a 2.1 System in the style of Swan M50w / Edifier S350DB.
I just can’t figure out pros and cons of either system.

What I am looking for in my speakers is probably a solid bass performance and a nice “big and impressive” presentation when thinking about movies/games/electronic music.
For intimicy and accuracy I am quite satisfied with my headphones atm.

I’d love to hear your experiences and setup ideas!

jbl 305p’s and a dayton audio sub-1200 may be in your future in terms of a 2.1, wide accurate soundstage and <30hz accurate bass for a good price. (my experience is based off of reviews and forum threads, although I plan on getting a sub-1200 for myself soon). it’s very important to consider your space and the limitations of it though, where you plan on placing things, distance from walls, etc. I can also help with wiring and crossovers. consider the replies of others of course lol.

Get speakers first and if the lowend is not enough.
Add sub later + save $ for Adam sub so they mach great.

So you’re telling me to rather get bigger (as big as the room allowes/needs) speakers for overall better sound?

Well you did mention those. Bigger speakers give “big” sound than smaller speakers.
Of course space and locations might restrict size.

Gotcha. Although I don’t know much about speakers I did already notice with the old pair I got around that I could get them sound twice as good just with some stands and better placement.
The “Zeos-Hype” just got me wondering about those Systems using smaller (satellite?)speakers and a sub to begin with, because he was all over the M50w and SB350DB.

Get towers dual subs and rolling chair to push yourself off to the opposite wall. :grin:

Learned ive screwed up investing in bookselves shouldve went with floorstanders from the get go. :man_facepalming:

With towers you have the performance of full range and built-in speaker stands.

Sounds awesome, tho it might be overkill for my little student-room :smiley:

Buy a space for them after graduation. This site is a reverse AA meeting.


I was in the same boat and was trying to go 2.0 with bigger 6.5" speakers, but ultimately did not have enough room on my desk so I ended up going with 4" PSB Alpha P3’s and an SB1000 sub. I would say it all depends on your desk space, listening distance, and size of your room.

Why arent we going with mini towers? Move the desk little back get some bricks if little height is needed?