Biggest dice roll that opened your ears?b

Wonder what shocks other people have enjoyed after they hooked a piece of equipment?

Recently stepped into an external amp. Was curious if it would really raise the level of experience in the living room for music and movies.

Have a Denon x3700h… and was running a 7.1.2 setup… it was good and enjoyed it, but wanted more. Was driving a lot of stuff…

Enter my discovery of Outlaw…

Picked up a 7000x… and 7 svs rca cables was very nervous that it was just going be a chunk of expensive gravity.

Holy smashed chips in your lunch box Batman…

The seven fast relay clicks when the thing triggers on is such an authority statement!

Everything but the height speakers are hooked to the external amp. Every area high, miss, and lows… all more detailed and enjoyable. Didn’t have reference for dynamic range until this and wow!

After it arrived before hooking it up went over it and wow very nicely put together.

Good stuff I can’t praise enough.