Binaural recording

Simply because I’m not sure where else to put this, I’m putting it here. If a mod things that there would be a better spot for this, then please feel free to tell me.
So, I know how it is constantly brought up that sound demos are not a good way to try figuring out how a certain piece of equipment sounds. With traditional mics, I could see this, but what about with a specific binaural microphone, as they are designed to mimic human hearing?

Hope you don’t mind, I moved the thread to off-topic. So, I don’t know that the binaural necessarily makes so much of a difference in the reliability of the sound demo. It may give a more realistic idea of imaging, but it still leaves the multitude of other factors that can impede a sound demo. The whole of the signal chain comes into play, whether recorded binaural style or not, so headphone/speaker>mic>processor>compression via YouTube>streaming quality>DAC>amp>headphone/speaker. That’s a lot of things that can still influence the end result.

Perfectly fine.
Sadly, that is true. There are so many variables, it isn’t funny

Demoing with binaural recordings makes sense if you’re going to use those headphones to listen to binaural recordings. Since most music isn’t recorded binaurally, demoing binaural could give a very false impression of the spatial abilities of a set of headphones. In my anecodotal testing, it does appear that binaural recordings mostly erase the difference in spatial recreation abilities of the electronics (amps, preamps, DACs), though.