BL-03 and OH10, What Next?

Hey guys,

As titled, I am a proud owner of both the BL-03s and OH10s and love them both - though I use the latter more, for obvious reasons!

My question is, what to get next? Budget-wise I’d like to know what I should aim for now. I have the $30 and the sub-$200.

In terms of sound signature, I am open to suggestions - it’d be great if the recommendations are different to the two I already own.

Thanks in advance for your time!

Well for something different and quite unique try the Tin P1, although you will need to power it properly. It needs more power than quite a few dynamic full sized headphones ^^


It depends on you music tbh.
If you are listening to very different genres, i would maybe recommend trying something more bass light or neutral to check out if you dont prefer that sound signature for some songs…

that way, you dont have to spend a lot of money to experience something new and even better in specific situations

Thanks for the recommendation, will check out all the vids and reviews!

I legit tend to listen to anything and everything and, while I do want my music to sound as close to perfection as possible, I am quite open to things, sound signature-wise.

Yeah it’s difficult where I’m from since selling something second-hand is almost impossible for a niche hobby like ours!

Drop JVC for sure ! people selling it now for around 140$ which is crazy !!

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Howdy! I was recently in your shoes re what my next upgrade should be. I have the 03s and the FH3s so it’s always nice to pop into these threads to see what people recommend.

Side note: have you modded your 03s? I did the mesh removal mod and slapped on a balanced cable, huge difference. I did buy another stock pair in case I messed up lol.

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Tin t2, Sony ex800st and drop jvc FDx1 all are different takes on neutral. I quite liked both the bl03 and OH10 so if your neutral preference is like mine with slightly warmer take on low mids and bass I’d recc the Sony on sound quality.

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Thanks man, will give it a looksee!

Hello good sir! I guess it is part and parcel of this hobby to always look for the next best thing. Not that I am no longer satisfied with my two IEMs, but… yeah, yknow?

No I have not tried modding. Luckily I have two sets of BL-03s so I could always tweak the older one if I wanted to… I did accidentally buy a 2.5mm wire with QDC connectors that the BL-03s can be modded for, but I haven’t gotten around to filing it down just yet.

Will have a look into these recs, thanks very much! I guess a neutral sound signature works best for me, since I listen to a wide variety of music and can always tweak the EQ if needed!

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Yea with the Sony it responds well to EQ and is originally meant for studio monitoring so I use it as a base line. Rikudou has some good profiles set up if your interested and end up getting one.

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You could also spend some money and get that LZ A7 (@Rikudou_Goku recommends it as all-in-one IEM).

yup, I didnt mention it due to that 200 usd limit but that is indeed a great choice.

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