Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2019

Below is a list of the best wallet-emptying sales we found on the ‘interwebz’ thus far with associated links and a brief summary from headfonics

Set Five , Linsoul’s Ultimate Package at $349
Includes: BLON B20 Headphone + Little Bear

Blon B20 for 350$ I dont know how it compares to the M570, but it sounds just like the Aiva. Little Bear i assume is a tube amp. The only little bear amp that Linsoul sells is the Little Bear B4-X, which is a cool little portable hybrid tube amp 99$. If you want the Aiva sound and you need a portable amp this could be a very good deal.

Man, Sendy Aiva’s are down to $479. Should I pull the trigger. Hmm…

hard to say with all the cheaper clones out there. Zeos did say its sounds the best of the bunch. I did a test between the Aiva and the Blon B20 and the Aiva did sound better. but not by much

Yeah but at 479, they price comes close to the alternatives, but with better build. I was waiting for the LCD-1’s to get more exposure to see how they compare.

I’ll be pissed if the UK market doesn’t recognise or chooses to ignore Black Friday and Cyber Monday like they did 11/11 and I don’t offer me any % off my FH7’s :grimacing:

HiFiGo has a huge selection of gear for sale this Black Friday and Cyber Weekend. brands included are FiiO, Topping, SMSL, Shanling, iBasso,Xduoo and so on
Example deals include:
$80 off the Topping DX70 Pro
$70 off the SMSL VMV P1
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