Blind testing do you

blind test your audio gear…either using your partner or your audio fiends?

No, and I ask forgiveness from the immortal ghost of Francis Bacon every time I draw a conclusion from sighted comparisons.

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Most people aren’t equipped to do a good job of blind tests, even just volume matching isn’t something you can easily do.

I have 3 amps I can easily swap between from the same source, and I do, but I’ve heard them all so much that I could also determine which one I was listening to from a limited number of audible Q’s, so even if I hid the amps I wouldn’t be blind testing.

There is a second fault with blind tests do you prefer A/B comparisons, where audio equipment in particular grows on you, so what you prefer in a short listening test isn’t necessarily what you prefer over long periods.

In games we used the term Tissue Testers for testers we’d bring in just to give initial impressions, they would play through once then their opinions discarded on subsequent play throughs.