Blon B8 vs SIGVA SV006

If I recall, in some video (I wanna say it was one from Zeos), it was said that the B8 is nothing more then a clone of the SV006. Can anyone verify if this is actually true? Or is there a difference in sound?
So far as I can see, the BLONs are a little more then $25 cheaper, and the back of the earcup is shapped differently.

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I believe they’re the oem of the SV006? Since Sivga’s more of the consumer company while B8 rebadges like Bosshifi B8 and others are really shallow in marketing. Sivga also perhaps tuned the sound signature a bit. Mentioned on the drop discussion is that the BLON B8s sound wider while the Sivgas sound a bit more bassier.

More info on Drop discussion here (you can just google ‘Blon B8 Drop’ if there are pop-ups):