Blon B8 vs SIGVA SV006

If I recall, in some video (I wanna say it was one from Zeos), it was said that the B8 is nothing more then a clone of the SV006. Can anyone verify if this is actually true? Or is there a difference in sound?
So far as I can see, the BLONs are a little more then $25 cheaper, and the back of the earcup is shapped differently.

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I believe they’re the oem of the SV006? Since Sivga’s more of the consumer company while B8 rebadges like Bosshifi B8 and others are really shallow in marketing. Sivga also perhaps tuned the sound signature a bit. Mentioned on the drop discussion is that the BLON B8s sound wider while the Sivgas sound a bit more bassier.

More info on Drop discussion here (you can just google ‘Blon B8 Drop’ if there are pop-ups):

I can confirm tuning on the B8 and the 006 is completely different, the sound the B8 is dark, warm and bassy. Its really nice the 006 is like a TH900 capable low end, amazing mid range and the highs can get… bit too high but the detail is fantastic

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I believe Sivga owns Sendy, it’s their high end brand. But I think Blon is different.

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From what I gathered from a bunch of people they are mostly similar sounding with some noticable differences.

I’ve heard ranges from they’re two different beasts to the deduction you’re comming to, though even then it bounces around as to what the noticeable difference is. Biggest differences from the outside seems to be:

  • SV006 comes with a case, but the B8 doesn’t
  • B8 is ~$70, SV006 is ~$94
  • the exact cut for the wood is different, and the Sigva has their logo on the headband

Add to that, the B8 is shipped with no branding on the box and mine at least only came with the braided cable, some come with an adapter.

I would grab the SV006 but since the Chinese market is readily available where I’m from, I got the B8 at a cheaper $60 price though the SV006 with a hard case is arguably a pretty darn good value too!

BTW I have to ask, does anyone with any of these models experience the top-heavy feeling after a few hours of use? Due to this issue, I keep going back to my Pro 82.

Yeah the headband gets finnicky and annoying at times I need to get one of the knitt headband pilot pad’s overall having both the Sivga 006 and the B8 the B8 is definitely the more fun listen the 006 are terrific detail cannon’s if you need to hear it the 006 will show it

So whats the cheapest places online to get the 006 or the b8?

New - $93.62

(Also has used as low as $65.81)

(Same price, but they have a price match policy, and free shipping in the US)

This is the cheapest I’m finding the B8: $67.58, however I can’t say I know anything about the website beyond it’s a bit… obscure.

Directly through Linsoul (the ones who sell it on Amazon, though the Amazon page claims it’s not in stock), it’s $70. Drop has a page for it, but it’s not presently up for a drop.

NOTE: Sites like AliExpress where not included. If you would like to delve into that rabbit hole, then by all means, be my guest.

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I’m returning my 006 today. They treated me well and are great for the price but I’m gonna splurge a little bit now. I still recommend though. They’re nice and smooth.

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Why are you returning them? Just within the return period and wanting to put the money elsewhere?

So I never found myself reaching for them. I originally got them for late night use so I don’t wake up my girlfriend but I end up just using the Elex at a lower volume cause it has such good dynamics that I don’t mind the lower volume. I’m also returning the Tin T2s and ikko memory foam tips which all adds up to $160 and I’m putting it towards a Campfire Cascade that I found used for 550. It’s a portable closed back that I’ll (hopefully) be using more at night and I can use it on the go so that’s my rationale lol


Perfectly reasonable. I typically find I don’t reach for my DT990 as much as I could, but I’ve also found myself hooked on my iLoud micros… Not to mention that 10’ coiled cable is a little cumbersome when going portable. Part of why I’d like to get them modded to have a removable cable.

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Well, linsoul is good at price matching… so what did Drop price the b8 and sv006 at?

Also there seems to be a “newer” SV006 with a metal badge on the side… I wonder if it sounds the same or did they also change how they sound.

The Blon B8 just went back up at Drop for $60.

Really tempted to pick up a set… Can anyone compare their sound to the 1More Triple Driver Over Ears? Those have been my favorites so far, but the size of the ear cups isn’t my favorite…plus I’m tired of taking them back and forth from home to work and I’d like to just keep something fairly comparable at the office. (although who knows how long I will be working from home now, come to think of it…)

Haven’t used the 1More but the B8’s pads are pretty narrow but very soft and comfortable for an on-ear. It’s a different shape so it would definitely fit differently, not sure if it’s exactly what you’re looking for though.