Blon BL 05 announcement?

So I found these on Facebook. But can’t find a reliable source. but wanted to share it anyway

At this point I feel like they know how much of a mess their English is and just roll with it lol


I listened to a podcast where I swear I heard the guest pronounce opportunity as “oppoty.” Maybe it’s a thing… or it was my brain wanting to hear it.

As far as brand marketing goes, I’d say they hit the nail on the head since the community already equates oppoty to them. Lol

I guess that’s fair lol, 10/10 for creativity

Such genius

Too lazy to create a meme.

what does this mean?

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The real question is what does it make you feel For me I hear it and NEVERGIVEUP

That’s what everyone want’s to know, just like victoria’s secret or who let the dogs out

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I have enough hype for these to snag them up… unless they jump in price ridiculously

No one but BLON knows

Most of can see is $50-60 as they already have the bluejay/ cardinal sitting from $80-$100

Does it matter?


Oh come on! I just bought my BL03s and now there is a new one?! Crap. Also I think BLON stands for Building the Legend Of Nobles, and clearly makes sense than Belief Letmusicburn Oppoty Nevergiveup.

theres a new one but it’s bound to be more expensive just enjoy what you have

I get the feeling that it’s on purpose too. You know they’ve received feedback about it being wrong, and they’ve already gone through several batches of the bl-03 so I think it’s on purpose at this point. It’s well known that wrongness makes something stand out more and its clearly been received well by people. I mean, you just got to love it, it’s cute and fun. It’ll forever be associated with their brand now.

Blon bl05 available now at $43 now can be shipped from end of this month


hmmmmm interesting. the price isn’t too different which is nice. they look not as sleek but still cool. i wonder how they will sound

That graph doesnt look too bad either, I worry that the mids will sound scooped since its right around a 10db variation so… I dig the driver config and will be anticipating some feedback. :slight_smile:

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Oppoty! Confirmed authentic, lol.