Blon bl03 repair help

Hello everyone im seeking help in repairing my blon bl03s the left earbud poped open i don’t know how. What can i use to close it back up so that it does not pop open again. It still works but i just pops open.
Please see picture below.

Drop of super glue?

Press it closed, then let the drop seep into the seam.

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Oh ok I’ll try it.

I tried the super glue and it worked thank you. Do you know of any good eartips and cable that are not that expensive for these blons. Preferably under $30.

Any preference for Foam/Silicone ?

I’ve only ever used silicone but i could do both to give foam a try.

Final Audio E500

Final Audio E1000

Either of these come with a full set of Final’s type E tips (silicone) and they are a general recommend for tips. I use these tips on IEMs that cost 10x+ the price of the E500/1000. Plus you get another set of IEMs to listen too when ever you want a change in sound signature.

The tips by themselves cost pretty close to the same price that is also why I am recomending the IEMs over just the tips.

Spinfits are also pretty nice

What type of spinfit?

Well yesterday i purchased the spinfit c100 tips in medium and i am enjoying them.