Blown fuse ares 2

Need to replace fuse in my denifrips ARES II. Was wondering if a ceramic fuse is okay to use and if it is a better choice? I know the ceramic can withstand higher Heat. Any help will be appreciated

I suggest choosing a fuse with exact same rated power and type (“speed”) as original. Ceramic is ok as well - the difference between “transparent” and ceramic is that ceramics are filled with a powder to help extinguish the electric arc faster, that is it.

Don’t buy any audiophilic fuses (as for example gustards for freaking 50$), those are one of the biggest ripoffs in audio and it is disgusting honestly that they do things like that


Pff, the amount of these sort of product… insane.

I mean, these manufacturers genuinely take advantage of their customers. Usually, these products are not “that” expensive, hence why many people purchase them. The average buyer of such a product “it’s 50 bucks, I don’t have anything to lose”. But if you actually knew how much $$$ these manufacturers are making just from these “inexpensive” snake oils, you’d shit yourself =)

Thank you for your help I wound up purchasing the ceramic, they were a couple of bucks more. Plus next day delivery!! Who in their right mind would spend $50 on a fuse LOL it’s a shame companies have to do that,take advantage of people… disgusting!

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That’s the tip of the iceberg. Wait till you hear how many thousands of dollars companies charge for snake oil. The most frequent ones are >$500, but you even have >$10,000 ones. Yes, disgusting.

But then you remember some people have too much money. Drugs or snake oil? Or both :man_shrugging:t2: