Blue Tooth headphones?

Are there any good Blue Tooth headphones? Like, I wish Koss made the KPH30i in BT, just run the wires to a small module that supports APTX or LDAC. I have the Sparks, Love them to bits but my ears to don’t play well with IEMS in any way, shape or form, period.

I also had a thought about if Koss did the KSC75 in BT. My ears won’t hold clips due to the shape.

Kinda depends on “what is qualified as good”.
Well Koss has the Koss Porta Pro Wireless and lots of Koss BTxxx models.

I have and use Sennheiser EPOS 660 daily for meetings and music while working.
Good for this purpose.

Zeos liked the new Focal Bathys in his way.
Mentioned the Final Audio UX3000 also being good (perfect!).

Sony WX-1000xxxx are good.
Senheiser Momentum xxx are good.

Definitely depends on the definition of “good” here. And on your price range.

I haven’t heard them personally but have heard a ton of good things about the new focal bathys as well as the hifiman ananda and deva wireless sets, but those are all fairly expensive and gigantic.

There is also the option of something like the iFi GO blu and connecting them to the kph30i, which would kinda fit your request for a bt module to plug in to those headphones, but again cost ends up being a factor.


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first…it’s Blluetooth. :wink:

second, there are lots of good Bluetooth headphones out there now, but they start at about $300, with those being the Grado GW100, which have the v3 just released, so I’d watch for those being available.

:rofl: Oh, I’m an idiot, forgot that was a thing. Mioght have to check that out as KPH30Is are my favorite headphones due to affordablility and performance.

I know some people get upset when you mention BT, but I firmly believe with decent converters that with APTX and LDAC that its “good enough”. Honestly, my go to is always youtube, if your gear cannot at least make that sound decent then lossless won’t help you anymore than that.

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For on the go APTX or LDAC is more then enough cause outside noise, at home I prefer a cable on my desk but when cleaning or so it’s nice to hear music with a BT DAC :grin:

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I got a pair of the Final Audio UX3000. The sound is consumer-friendly but refined. Yes, accentuated bass and a slight V-shaped sound signature. A bit of bleed into the lower mids. That’s to be expected with almost any ANC over-ear can at this price range. Not bad at all. Enjoyable tuning.

But there’s a HUGE negative with these cans that is forcing me to return them: The ear cups are TINY. We’re talking PUNY. Final Audio must have used a dwarf elf as its ergonomic model as there is no adult human on Earth for whom these will fit comfortably. These are not over-ear cans; they’re ANC on-ears. Uncomfortable as hell. That’s not what I paid for.

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