Bluesound powernode 2i and rel t7i. Can I use high level input?

Hello and happy midsommar!

So, I have the bluesound 2i that I use to drive my LS50’s and a REL t7i. Now I am using the low level input. What I am wondering is that can I use the high level input on the REL, even though all speaker connections are occupied by my LS50’s?

If I have understood correctly, I would connect the speakon cable to the REL and use the + connector on both channels.

Or does the high level connection require their own separate and clear connectors?

Edit: Hello!

Yes. Yes I can. Thank you all.

Yes you can. Would be curious to see what you find. From a “theoretical” standpoint it’s something that sound like it makes sense but from a practical standpoint, not sure it will make one iota of difference.

IMO the whole point of getting the high level in is to have the source have the “feel” of your main amp. But then again you have the sub’s amp color to overlay into the sound, hence you can’t ever remove it from the equation.

That being said I’m using a sub with low level in, would be curious to hear what your experience is.