Bluetooth 3.5mm for bluetooth headSET

Wondering if anyone knows of this product existing:

  1. A bluetooth device to pair with a bluetooth headset (headphones + mic).
  2. The device should have a 3.5mm TRRS jack, to connect to a headset jack (so combo mic in, unbalanced stereo out, like a laptop/good smartphone would have).
  3. Preferably the device would be USB-C rechargeable.

I could be long winded and explain my use case, or just trust me that I have multiple reasons for a device like this. I know that similar devices exist, but I can’t find specifically something like this. They seem to do transmitting or receiving at a time, not both like an internal laptop/smartphone bluetooth would do. And any that have mic capability, use the mic on the device, not from the bluetooth headset. It surprises me this is so hard to find. So if anyone has had luck, please let me know. This would remove a lot of audio bluetooth technical fighting stress from my life.

Thank You!!