Bluetooth adapters

Has anybody tried any of the cheaper bluetooth adapters? Like the ones from KZ or CCA? Looking at trying one of the cheaper sets to see if I like the form factor before I commit to buying UTWS5s

What’s your IEM intended with BT? I have got tons of them, from the dirt cheap no brand to the ikko neckband, ibasso cf01 and now UTWS5. I was fine for cheap ones with my se846 but now found UTWS5 the best. If you got a good IEM then would suggest you go straight to UTWS5 not point wasting whatever $20-50 on others

I’ve got the UTWS3 MMCX and man I love the format.
I live in a thin walled-apartment and like my movies late at night and loud :stuck_out_tongue:

Connect these up to my TV and some FH3’s and I can love my movies as loud as I want, while moving around (can’t sit still for 5 secs so wired is a prob), walking around,… No worries… Then again… I might be the only one buyting a wireless solution for using in a stationary activity :man_shrugging:

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I tried a bunch of them and the best one by far is the Shure TWS Gen 2. I think the UTWS3 and 5 both have a wonky fit and don’t seem to be well engineered (I had two break on me in a matter of weeks). The KZ one had so much noise it was basically unusable.

I have a UTWS3 and I really like it but it does have some shortcomings. It doesn’t do multi point connections and if you want to switch from one source to another yoy have to either repair on the new source or go to the old source and disconnect it from the adapter which can be annoying. Also I did not get along with the mmcx to 2 pin adapters as my right iem kept sliding off the 2 pin.

I have the KZ AZ09. That is the $26 one that tops out at AptX and AAC, which are both meh. The one I have is the C pin, which is the QDC 2 pin, or the one that only KZ seems to use. I use them with a pair KZ ZEX and have it paired with my gaming PC, they work fine, but I tend to use it for discord and gaming, not a lot of serious music, and this is a $25 tribrid on a $26 BT adapter. For the money it ok, but for $10 I would just get the Earfun Free Pro TWS.

I also own a BTR5 and having LDAC for sound quality, and getting multiple connections make it worth having a wire from my IEM to it, in a pocket. Both the BTR5 and Qudelix 5K give you far more options, and will work with regular headphones too. I bought a BTR5 purely for being able to have audio from my phone and work computer at the same time over Bluetooth, and it is something I can’t see giving up.

When you say audio from phone and work at the same time are you talking about them playing over each other or just being able to automatically switch audio between the two? I haven’t heard of any adapters that do the former…

If I have music playing on my PC, and my phone rings, when I answer, the BTR5 automatically pauses my music for me, and switches the source. I assume it sends the standard play/pause keybind. It is great for getting a call while working, which was my problem case. The BTR5 even has a mic built in on it.

I do get a weird almost clicking noise if the both sources want to make noise but can’t, so at least you are aware that both are trying to do something. I assume that would take some extra mixing magic, and you would want some software volume control for each input.

Okay gotcha, the Qudelix 5K and BTR5K do this as well FYI. My steel series can connect to my phone and my Xbox so I hear sound from both at the same time but it does have a mix dial which is necessary for that feature

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That seems like a cool feature to mix them, but the BTR5 pausing my music for a phone call is almost ideal for what I needed.

I sort of backed my way into this hobby. I had a SHP9500, and wanted the two devices connected, so got the BTR5. Then realized my headphones sounded better, then bought better headphones. When some construction started near me, I tried IEMs with shooting ear protection over them, and realized for isolation and heat IEMs were pretty awesome. We moved to a warmer place, so the IEMs almost became a requirement, so I starting down that rabbit hole.