Bluetooth and mobile speaker

Hello dear HiFi-Guides!
I am looking for new Bluetooth Speaker, I can pay up to 250€ (I would have bought them used)

Are you going to help me what to choose?
I had minirigs which got stolen unfortunately.

Just for partying and such.

I would love stereo speakers.
I heard DiamondBoxx and Teenage Engineering OB’s are good but I cant afford them nor are there any in Germany available.
Thank you kindly.

For the source I am going to use an Ibasso DX170, which I get fixed right now in China.
Thankfully they have a really great support!

Music to be played is Trance, Acid and Techno.

So portable with battery and maybe stereo pair option?
There are so many and many many more options…

Even something “very basic” as JBL Charge (some) speakers have stereo pair options and even new ones are like ~100e and used are go like ~50e so for like 100e you would have two.
That would be noise for the money and water proof.
My charge 4 is turning 5 years old soon. Its been a nice shower and beach speaker for my use.

And those “Party Box” speakers do make loud noises from flea market prices could also be available.
Its more like “what would you like to have” kinda option. For actual party use.

Even if going all in china mode. Just pick any suitable for size (loud) and money.

just with by searching “portable speakers” you like few hundred options.