Bluetooth connectivity

Hi guys… Wondering if someome can help me out as I’m not massively technically minded when it comes to audio

I have a marantz analogue amp with topping D30 I use digital cable from my TV to the dac to play music from YouTube and that.

I would like to connect some form of Bluetooth connectivity to the dac so I can stream from my phone or laptop

What would be the best way to do this and of use have an recommendations of a good Bluetooth receiver for under £100 pound


Welcome to hifiguides! The Fiio bta30 or bta30 pro should do the trick for you. You can use the coax out on the bta30 to the coax input in the D30. They both can function as transmitter or receiver. The regular bta30 runs $89usd and the pro $120usd, which would be about 65-90 pounds. They both support up to LDAC and aptX HD. For your use case the regular non pro should be all you need.

FiiO BTA30 PRO Stereo Receiver Transmitter Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 High Resolution Amplifier Long Range for PC/TV/Speaker/Headphone

FiiO BTA30 Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 LDAC Long Range Transmitter Receiver with 2 RCA Male to 2 RCA Male Stereo Audio Cable

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I’ve just ordered the fiio Pro

Hopefully it does everything I need.

Thanks for the help

One question do I use optical wire from the fiiO to the dac

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Coax cable since you are already using your only optical input in the D30 for your tv.

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