Bluetooth DAC question

Ok, so I’m not that smart. Help me out.

Is there a “DAC” for bluetooth?

AKA if I am using my computers BT card to output the BT signal, is there a reason/product to give me a better quality signal?

not entirely sure what you mean, depends what you’re looking for/use case
FIIO has the BTA30/PRO which is a desktop BT Receiver/Transmitter that can be used as a DAC and supports up to LDAC
there are also things like the BTR5 that are portable DAC/AMPS with headphone outputs


  1. PC/Phone sends digital data to the BT source.
  2. BT source uses its DAC to convert the digital to analog.
  3. Amp powers the transducer you have connected.

So no, you arent using the DAC nor the amp of the pc/phone.

if you want to improve the chain, you can get a better bluetooth transmitter on the PC. So say, if your pc doesnt have APTX bluetooth capabilities, you can get a BT adapter that does have it.

Additionally keep in mind that while internal BT cards have certain benifts they dont use higher end codecs like aptx hd or LDAC, while something like the BTA30/BTA30 Pro that @CTOXmas suggest can use those higher end codecs give you a higher bit rate signal