Bluetooth headphones under $200 recommendation

I’m looking to replace Final UX3000 headphones. They broke (one of the cups snapped off) after a year and a half of use. I loved the sound but the build quality wasn’t great.

I mostly listen to pop and rock (prog, prog metal) and jazz on my Pixel phone. So I’m looking for something between £155 and £180 (I guess it makes it under USD 200). I mostly listen to the music at home (outside and at the office I use earbuds). I was thinking about M50xBT, but my daughter has it and she is not happy with Bluetooth. So probably something different. Thanks a lot!

have you looked into whether the mod-community has figured a way to reinforce the UX3000?

that said, the Sony WH-CH720N are very popular and the new Sennheiser ACCENTUM and ACCENTUM Plus are supposed to be really good.

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No, I didn’t. I didn’t know that it’s possible. In any case, I returned the headphones as they were still under the manufacturer’s guarantee.

I’ll check out the headphones you have mentioned. I have a gift card with £155 on it. So I want to spend all of it on the headphones. I don’t mind to top it up a bit but don’t want to spend less and then left with £20 or less on the card.


Some other options…

I was doing some research for a friend recently and these seemed good. Fairly recent release…as popular features go, it seems to have all of them! so quite competitive in that way but more importantly to me the app seemed good with a decent equaliser

Edifier WH950NB may also be worth a look…had some good reviews

I always love sony, but you have to pay more to get more…WH-720N advantage is its very light but its very bassy rather than balanced, software features more limited.

if you’re open to spending more to get better sound…saving up for the Sony XM5 would be worth it. it was immediately obvious how audibly superior it was to the CH720n when I did some A / B testing of them back in the summer.

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XM5 is too much out of my budget :frowning:

yeh…and the sad thing is there is nothing to consider between the price ranges of those hp I mentioned and the the XM5. :frowning: