Bluetooth help (body blocks connection?)

Like the title says, my body seems to block the connection between all my Bluetooth audio devices. I have a Bluetooth 5.0 mpow receiver (model: MBR1), the xDuoo xd-05 bl (also 5.0), and a pair old Bose SoundLink 2 headphones from highschool (4.1). My phone is a pixle XL (Bluetooth 4.2) and my laptop it Bluetooth 4.1. With every device if I hold it to my chest (like having it in my shirt pocket) and turn my back to my phone or laptop it immediately cuts out, usually not ever playing sound again until I turn back around. I know zeos recently mentioned he had a similar problem with his xd-05 bl and the new one he got works, but I feel like 3 devices from 3 manufacturers all purchased at least months, if not years apart should not all have the exact same defect, especially across two different sources.

So my main question is, should I return the xd-05 bl I just got and try a new one or is this just how Bluetooth is going to be?

BTW I’m a notoriously B.I.G (get it) dude if that in any way affects how much I block the connection.