Bluetooth help looking for transmitter only

I have a stereo reciever with bluetooth built in. My surround processor has analog outs for all channels. The reciever will only be used for the rear channels. Im looking for an affordable solution to get that analog rear channel info to the the rear channel reciever. Most every thing i see is only a reciever or both a transmitter and a reciever like the svs tripath. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

you could also use something like these and skip the stereo’s bluetooth.

on a side note: most people prefer rears on 2.4ghz wireless versus bluetooth for the faster and more reliable signal. though i will admit, bluetooth has gone a long ways the past 5 years or so.

Thanks. I’m gonna give it a try. Transmitter only. I’ll post later with results.

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Got the avantree transmitter this evening. Hooked it up for testing. Using an old marantz nr1503 or some model like that. Plugged it into the only rca outs on it fl and fr. It paired with a crappy avx reciever i got from home depot for next to nothing. Its bluetooth did connect to the avantree. Its a bit of a weak signal and they are fairly far apart from one another. But once the 2 are placed properly they will perform rear channel duties just fine. Be loud go swoosh and zoop and sometimes thwack. It will need some time delay correction as there is a slight noticable lip sync currently using the rears as fronts for testing. It may not even matter once they are hooked up to my mc700 being that they are rears and wont handle dialog and timing may be more forgiving. Now i just need to get my 12 u rack cart delivered to throw everything into. Thanks again. There is a slight bluetooth hum if i pause and cram my face into the horn. But not noticable from couch

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glad its working out for ya!

edit: also i agree, i doubt it will be much noticeable on rears if at all

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