Bluetooth transmitters for TV?

My elderly mother has recently started using headphones to watch TV. To get sound across the living room I have an Audioengine W3 coming in the mail, which sends ““CD quality”” audio data over 2.4ghz radio. Hopefully this works. If not, I am considering bluetooth as a backup option.

There are no digital outs on her receiver, so the signal would be going from the zone 2 RCA output to a BT transmitter/receiver and then back to analog.

How shitty would this sound, and would there be noticeable lag?

There are low latency Bluetooth connections, BUT a lot of audio devices don’t use them and the latency is terrible. I have a set of wireless IEMs and I could measure the latency in seconds while watching YouTube.
Short version buy something that specifically claims to be low latency.

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Might help if you could give hole gear list or setup and how they are connected…

Most TV’s / receivers have headphone output so a Mpow Bluetooth 4.1 sender/receiver would work also or any other.
just hook another Mpow 3.5 plug to headphones and done.
OR if TV has BT and just use BT headphones = Done.
OR if BT headphones are in use. Hook those to Mpow sender and done.
OR if TV has BT, hook Mpow receiver to headphones = Done.

Z also likes those Mpow’s and they seems to work good with his live feed when he walks all over the place. There literally are many… many ways how to set that up.

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It’s a Marantz SR5012 receiver, it has BT input but not output. I have to use either the RCA line out on the back or the headphone jack in the front. I prefer the line out so she can just mute the tv and put on her headphones if she can’t hear something, rather than get up to plug and unplug the headphone jack. I have a cord going across the room right now but it’s a tripping hazard.

I guess my biggest concern is with the audio lag. A small latency that isn’t noticeable on a Zeos stream might be really annoying when you are watching a newscaster’s lips move.

If the TV and Maranz are connected with HDMI you should be able to Lip Sync delay, by auto or manual.
In most cases the wireless delay is always ~25ms that mainly is not noticeable.
So basically you could and can select what ever (modern and decent wireless) transmitter/receiver.

But to makes things really easy or convenient.
I would suggest using/getting her a pair wireless headphones with a docking station. When the signal stops from source (zone 2 or tv) they go offline / standby mode and when signal comes back they turn back on.
Charging would simply be putting them back to docking station.
Wireless use basically cannot be any easier. If getting sender/receiver that get’s power from amp or separate power supply. Only thing that needs to be charged are the headphones, that get power when put back to docking station.

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I didn’t know about the lip sync setting, that’s pretty sweet. BT headphones were my first proposal but she wanted something with a wire, so I picked up a fiio k5 pro and for now she’s using my Grados with it.