Bone conduction headphones

Hey, I’m looking to buy a bone conduction headphone and I came across a review by a tech website and according to them, these are the best bone conduction headphones.

  • AfterShoks trekz Air
  • AfterShoks trekz Titanium
  • Bone-in BN-702
  • Vidonn F1
  • VJJB bone conduction Headphones
  • Pyle Bluetooth bone conduction headphones
  • WGP Open ear wireless bone conduction headphones
  • AfterShokz Aeropex
  • Huasiru Bone Conduction Headphones
    I’m still confused and want your opinion

Welcome! If you’re accustomed to the sound from more traditional head/ear phones, I imagine you might be a bit disappointed by the sound you get from these as I was. They serve a purpose with the open design for safety during activities where you need to be aware of your surroundings, but don’t expect too much as far as sound fidelity whatever you choose. For reference, I’ve tried (demoed) most of the Aftershoks models.

I would agree with the above assessment from FiCurious. I was given a pair of the AfterShokz Titanium AS600 a few years ago in a holiday gift bag from my work. I tried them out for a few days at the time and they were not very comfortable for me, but I attribute most of that to wearing glasses as well. They just ended up hitting some pressure points for me. I put them in a drawer and have not thought about them until I saw this post TBH.

I took out the AS600’s again and gave a listen for about 45 minutes or so (not enough time for the best assessment :slight_smile:). I felt a bit far from the source at times and it seemed partially ‘muffled’. I would say they are mid focused, lacking in the highs and give an illusion of having bass when they ‘vibrate’ on your skin (personally it kind of tickles me a little).

With that said, if the only way I could listen to music at my job was with a pair of bone conducting headphones I would not hesitate to do so, as that is better than nothing at all IMO. I cant speak for any other headphones in this category, so this is all purely on my experience with the AS600’s. I wouldn’t be surprised to find there are better pairs out there, but possibly at a premium that may not be worthwhile.

Does your situation necessitate the need for this type of headphone?