Bookshelf Spakers on 'Lazy Susans' - Do it, or don'?

After 4 years of moving countries I finally have a decent audio set up/ set of speakers. My issue now is; I want to change the rotation of the speakers regularly. They weigh 11kgs+ (25 pounds) each. (Edifier S3000Pro’s)

My thought is to get a quality set of 250mm / 10" Diameter Turntables / Lazy Susans. So I can point them towards the kitchen/dining area (behind me in this photo, opposite direction of the right-facing speaker) Then back towards me when I am at the desk.

Does anyone see any issues/complications that I will come across? I’m a total novice at this, but does it matter to have them on a solid surface or not? Are there draw-backs here that I don’t foresee? I’m in a rental, so I can’t do anything ‘permanent’. My concerns would be vibrations through the turn table / loss of bass impact, or am I just being overly critical in my line of thought?

Curious for your thoughts. Cheers

This would be my concern too. A turntable would also add height which could mess up your vertical positioning. You could probably put a layer of felt on the bottom of the speakers so they can slide on your desktop without scratches to either. Then just use guide marks to make sure you get them positioned properly and quickly everytime you turn them.


Simply use of Felt, that is a brilliant thought. Thank you for the Idea.

My positioning isn’t precise, I appreciate quality audio, but I am not too pedantic about it personally. As long as I can get the tweeters facing my general direction so I hear the highs, not just the mids/lows - I am happy.

Worked a treat, I used the Felt bags the speakers came in. Cheers

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