Bookshelf speakers 600 usd/eur

Objective : music
Possible amps : Loxije wedge tech
DAC: SMSL silver box
Current top pick : Klipch RP600M

Thanks :japanese_goblin:

Just checking, but how much space behind the speakers are you going to have? You just want to make sure it’s not shoved up against a wall since the 600m can get pretty bassy. Also what type of music do you listen to?

Edit: also perhaps check out the topping pa3 for an amp, because I believe it will preform better then the a10

Thanks for the reply!

I think if i would buy a new amp, then it would have to be a tube amp. For fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

But not much space, 1-2 feet max if we talk in american measuring units :smiley: And i mostly listen to rock, metal, blues, jazz, classical. Mostly guitar driven stuff though, lots of live concerts. 600M has great dynamics, I would assume that would work well with live recordings.

I dont like how Elac speakers look, so dont bother recommending those :smiley:

You should have no problems with the 600m then. They are very dynamic and 1 to 2 ft is plenty of space. They definitely don’t need a sub either, as they can be pretty bassy (except if you crave subbass).

What’s your budget on the tube amp? It’s kinda hard to find a true speaker tube amp under 500 USD that can get loud (over 1 to 2 watts)

Yeah, was more aiming for that 200 dollar chinese tubeamp section :smiley: Perhaps a tube pre-amp would be a better idea?

You could get a tube buffer or preamp and run it through to an amp, so that would give you a bit of the tube sound. Otherwise if you are using the Klipsch on a desk, you might be able to get away with this

As long as you didn’t crank it, this would fit the bill of 200 true tube amp

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I have and sometimes use the Klipsch RP600m on my desktop. It’s a big desk with 6ft of space to the nearest wall. They sound best when i power them with my tube amp. As a reference for you i have fed them with Emotiva bassx-100, Emotiva PA-1’s, Klipsch powergate, SMSL ad18, Onkyo tx875. Going thru multiple front ends to include Darkvoice w/ rolled tubes as pre-amp, pro-ject pre box s2 digital, smsl su8vs2, multiple budget nobssound products and bellari audio products.
My favorite set-up was . Glow audio amplifier, being fed by Xduoo xd-05 with burson op amp upgrade using 2015 mac-pro and Tidal. YMMV, be careful of these speakers in near field they seem to prefer small to medium sized rooms. My current set-up uses the Monolith K-bass i much prefer them on the desktop. Cheers and good luck.

6 ft is alot of space for those speakers to breathe in nearfield. Have you tried pushing them back and seeing if it improved the sound? Also how close are you to the speakers?

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The desk is in the middle of the room, no wall to push them against. They (RP 600m’s) sound ok but just don’t do it for me on my desktop, i have other choices which i prefer for that set-up. Humorously enough and older pair of klipsch WF-34 floorstanders actually sound really impressive butted up next to the desk and raised a few inches on some make-shift speaker stands.

What do you mean when you say that they “prefer small to medium sized rooms”?

Also I actually think the WF-34’s were made to be closer to the wall with less space to breathe. A selling point for those speakers was that they were slimmer then other competition and still delivered full sound, and would match well with a flat screen tv (this was 2008)

I have used the rp600’s in both of my HT rooms and they absolutely sing. I really love them set up that way, of course i am much better able to place them in both situations. Unfortunately i was not able to get them to play as wonderfully on my desktop. I agree very much with you, not having a wall within a reasonable distance on my desktop mitigated some of their sound signature.
I should not have made my comment in that fashion, i should have pre-fixed it based on my personal situation. I’m sure others with a better desktop placement option can get different sound of of them

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I mean everyone’s room is different, so that’s always an unknown. I just wanted to know what you didn’t like about them on a desk, was curious (like what sounded off compared to your room setup)

They work well in both scenarios, at least to my aging ears. I had the WF34’s set up as rear surrounds for many years and really did not require much of them. I noticed them collecting dust recently and decided to put them next to the desk and was pleasantly surprised. I get into moods and switch up The equipment nowadays and see what it does with different gear.

Nice, lots of things to play with when you get bored. I just rotate between my 3 speaker setups and call it a day. I wish I could use speakers more but don’t want to disturb neighbors

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Ah, i understand. I felt they were too close to my head on the desk and i was unable to enjoy them. I’m having difficulty describing the sound, it was just “too much in my face”. I prefer them a few more feet away. Now i want to try them again and see if that was just a first impression…

Gotcha, was just curious on your opinons

Mon, i remember i enjoyed the RP 600’s most with my tube amp, they felt a bit more “subdued” and they played blues very much to my liking. My favorite set-up was, believe it or not, running a little nobsound tube pre-amp to a glow audio tube amp fed thru an Xduoo xd5 dac. That worked well fro me…