Bookshelf speakers recommendations with lots of caveats

Hi from Aus,

First post please don’t kill me lol

Looking for bookshelf speakers, front ported as they’ll be up against a wall.

Budget around $1500aud (cheaper the better) including dac/amp (will also take recommendations)

Issue is they will be right next to me on a console table that runs the length of my bed, so sound at a close distance matters.

They will be on/used a lot if that matters, in terms of quality?

I predominantly listen to classical music, jazz, 60’s blues/rock in that order.

I’ve been doing a lot of research but I think I’m just getting myself confused at this point :confused:

Any help greatly appreciated :pray:

There are a TON of great speakers out there from about 500 USD. (not sure the conversion ratio to Aus $). First I would look at what brands you can get locally so you don’t have to pay an import + shipping premium. Then, from what’s available, find all the bookshelves with front ports. Then start reading and watching reviews. If you can, buy something you can bring home and return without losing $$$. With speakers (more than any other component) the only way to know if you’ll like them is to bring them home and listen. Not at a dealer. At home. Especially given your specific conditions. Put most of your budget towards the speakers - they are the biggest influence on system sound by far.

I love this idea, but current circumstances make it impossible, my closest dedicated hi-fi store (with actual decent stock) is three hours away and currently in a lock down area due to covid19. (I’m remote/rural)

The other issue without getting too personal is I’m not very mobile so unfortunately this will have to be an online job and pray for the best.

I’ve looked at a lot of speakers, I like the elac debut 5.2/6.2 and the triangle br-03 (although triangle recommend 2m between speakers and 2m listening distance, which won’t be happening)

There’s a ton of rear ported I love but unsure if they will work in my specific use case

As I said a lot of caveats :confused:

Is it possible to order and have speakers shipped to you? If you can find someone that has a 30 or 60 day return policy then you’re golden.

I have both of these and of the two for your situation I’d strongly rec the elac 6.2 over the br03. They’re much better near field and at lower volumes and they scale very well with nicer gear so putting more of your budget towards the amp/dac would be worth it with the elac’s imo.

I do prefer the br03’s overall but they need some space despite being front ported and need some volume to really come alive imo.

Can’t really recommend others as these are the front ported speakers I’ve owned.

Thank you so much for that response.

What would you recommend to power them?

And do you think the 6.2 is better than the 5.2? I’ve heard conflicting reports.

Depending on form factor and features needed I can rec a yamaha r-s202 (100wpc) or a topping pa3 (80wpc) from personal experience. I’m sure other amps with similar power specs will also work but I wouldn’t go with anything lower or dynamics at lower listening volumes could be negatively affected.

I haven’t heard the 5.2

Something to consider: with your speakers right up against the wall, you will get a very big and unrealistic bump in low frequencies. Look for an amp/integrated with tone controls so you can dial down the bass.

this is actually beneficial for the elac’s imo but good to note for sure

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In my experience, the Polk S15’s sounds great up against the wall.

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BR02 got a 5inch instead of a 6inch woofer and can be had for way cheaper there than here, too.

Someone just found these for ~350$USD in Singapore…!

So the Elac 5.2 is $500AUD, the 6.2 $620AUD

The yamaha r-s202 is $445AUD

So around $1000AUD either way which is nice.

A company in town is selling the Polk s15 and yamaha r-s202 for $699AUD as a package but I still think I’m leaning towards the 6.2…

And I’ll prob pick up a decent DAC and call it a day

Ty everyone for all your help <3


Both speakers are great choices, but the Elac’s will sound better away from a wall and the Polk will sound better closer to a wall. Just keep that in mind.

EDIT: IMO, at that price difference the Polk would be the better choice. They are similar in value and the Elac’s would not be worth paying that much more.

Have you considered active studio monitors? Presonus and Adam Audio make a range of studio monitors that are front-ported. They have adjustments to compensate for being close to a wall and are specifically designed for near-field listening.

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