Bookshelf speakers suggestion for a friend

So my friend has a Sony CMT-SBT20 and wanted to upgrade the bookshelf speaker that came with it. He has a budget of 100 euros (for a pair), i think he could stretch it to 150 but only as a last resort.
What would be your suggestions?

Would they be powered or passive? And what type of music do they listen to?

  1. Passive speakers
  2. He mainly listens to blues and rock

What amp are they using? And do they have a preferred sound signature?

Uhm i think they will be using the CMT-SBT20 to power them
For the sound signature something neutral

Pioneer SP-BS22-LR are pretty nice and don’t require a better amp. Sony SSCS5 are actually pretty good as well

Your main limit is going to be that amp from the bookshelf system imo

Unfortunately a better amp is not possibile.
Do you have other suggestions? Because for some reason on the pioneer are not available and the sony are 200 euros
Checked also on ebay and the the pioneer as well as the sony were all from the USA with a price way over 100 euros

What about Fluance SX6?

Nope. Can’t find them on either amazon or ebay

What brands are available to you over there?

I’m searching on amazon right now (ebay not included anymore since my friend can’t buy on it, don’t know why tho) and here’s some brand names:
Edifier, Wharfedale, LONPOO, Audioengine, Mission, Fenton, Elac, Thonet and Vanderl, Klipsch, Polk Audio, Cambride Audio, Dual, Nilox
These are almost all the brands i’ve found on amazon

Klipsch R-15M are pretty nice (although I’m surprised you have them over there), wharfedale 220s are nice, ELAC Debut 2.0 B5.2 are pretty good as well

Thank you for the help! After those suggestions he is now convinced in saving some more money and buying one of these.
Have a nice day!

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