Booted up - Awesome video game music appreciation

I think video game music desrves a little love so, post your favorite video game music (regardless of genre, old/new, etc…)

Here are two tracks that come to mind, at opposite ends of the spectrum

Rip and Tear - Mick Gordon

“traveler” - Austin Wintory

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Since Doom 2016 is already mentioned, here are some other good ones:


God i love those synth tracks of older games

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Remember Me has a great soundtrack. It uses digital distortion/error effects to match the narrative and style of the game, but importantly doesn’t overuse them.

Then there’s Gunpoint. That’s just gravy for the ears.

Abe’s Exoddus had one of those soundtracks where the music seems to be emanating from the world itself.

Medal Of Honor had that too. I really think Giacchino has surpassed John Williams on leitmotif now, and you kinda see how he’s both influenced by and moving away from Williams in this soundtrack.


Still IMO the GOAT:

Back when Trent Reznor doing a soundtrack was a REALLY big deal…


There is always Interstate 76

but for the more videogame “feeling” music, as i grew up with the commodore c64 and amiga 500 before i got a pc, i would say Turrican and monkey island both had great music (although very different styles…)

God i need to go back and play some of these games (especially monkey Island since its getting a sequal)
I’ll throw in a few more modern ones

Maybe my all time favorite game - Hades (God of the dead is brilliant)

God of War

Hotline Miami 1 + 2

(OST by Hiroyuki Sawano)

The Risk of Rain 2 soundtrack is chefs kiss

The Arkham Asylum OST (and the rest of the Arkham games) is incredible:

Amon Tobins Splinter Cell Chaos Theory OST

Ultrakill also fucks:

Last but not least, the Darksiders 2 soundtrack

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Enderal has some fantastic tracks
vocals playlist

non vocals playlist

Shadow of the Colossus was great

Doom was already mentioned.

Possibly one of the best, Homeworld, the first 3D RTS

I really wish someone would hire Harold Faltermeyer to do a video game soundtrack.

Matt Gray has a fantastic collection of Commodore 64 game soundtracks on his reformation series of albums. Best of all is the mighty Last Ninja 2

I have the Synth Chip of the Megadrive in a neat little package for that neatness reason.
Now if some company could make a Synth with the “Effects Synth Chip” of the Megadrive, that would be great! Must be misremembering, ignore that.

The music was pretty amazing in CP2077, and did a great job of capturing the right feel, even if the game wasn’t quite ready for release. I played on PC, so it was pretty good, just not done yet.