Bose audio sunglasses WTF

Im not shitting you they are a thing

I think these would make you look like an asshole.

Didn’t Oakley do this years ago?

dont remember I just saw this while browsing]
atari did make these years ago

I’m getting this as soon as I get my invite. If I ever get one.

Got to try those out once when I was over at a Best Buy, and again when I was over at one of those Bose stores. They were… interesting to say the least. Had the sound signature that I’m used to with Bose, but aside from that, there’s no way they would really hold up listening critically. They also felt kinda cheap, with the plastic frame and lenses.



Would they get away with calling them an Eyephone? :laughing:


Tried those out one time at a NYC store. It was pretty cool cause they look like normal shades and only you can hear the sound basically.

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I like these, they’re a niche product for sure but the sound was surprisingly decent and very acceptable as an alternative to IEMs or headphones while out for a walk, commuting etc.

Got an early version of these for when I go boarding…

holy shit boys


Wireless too…that should give the Panda’s a run for their money…plus Cup noodles is a better name for a headphone imho.


I wonder if you can put prescription lenses in those? if so im getting a new pair of glasses! :smiley:

I like how the cup of noodles headphones give you a fork to eat with

I got a good ad line for them:

“The best headphones for your noodle”

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I hope their warm but don’t bloat the sound :+1:

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Hypothesis: the sound signature is a bit “cupped”

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Well Porsche makes clothes so one can look like an asshole getting into their Camry.

The pen they give you with the car isn’t even that nice, idk why you would want cloths from them lol


I actually tried these in a store once. I thought they sounded pretty decent for what they were. They do totally lack bass though.