Bottlehead Crack / Tor Roger which one is better? Help me tubeheads!

I am thinking about trying a tube amp and the two amps that came to mind are the Bottlehead Crack and the Tor Roger. These are the two most appealing amps for me, they seem to have a cult following (especially the crack).

Is there anyone who tried both and could tell which one they found better and why, or are there other ones I should consider?

I cant speak to the quality but the crack is a kit you have to build yourself. Some folks build and sell completed models but at a significant markup

Better isn’t necessarily a thing for tube amps. If you are looking for which one makes more tube sound, I don’t have any experience, but I know that TOR is really good. Watch Z Review on it.

So personally I think the Roger is the better amp if you compare the regular crack, but the crack with speedball gets more competitive imo. I think the crack with speedball is the more energetic sounding amp, more lively and exciting, while the tor is a bit more chill. The tor sounds more refined as an amp imo, where the crack is a bit less controlled but more fun if that makes sense