Bought Beyerdynamic Tygr 300 not happy with the sound

Hello ! After researching a lot i finally bought Beyerdynamics Tygr 300 to replace my HyperX cloud alpha.
I plugged them in my laptop like usual, but they are so quiet compared to my HyperX and the sound is very mushy. I play a lot of FPS games (apex legends mostly) and i can barely hear any footsteps and sometimes even the shooting feels odd.
I tried them on my Iphone and they are noticibly louder, but again not on the same lvl as HyperX. I tried to tune the EQ according to one given in internet and its still the same i can barely hear my own footsteps when i am playing. I was thinking to invest money in Amp , but what if the sound just get louder and the footsteps and shooting be kinda muffed again?
Since i live on a island we dont have the PC38X , we do have the senn 560s and dt 900 pro, but not sure anymore which one would be the best pick for gaming. I dont really care for music

different games have different sound engines that respond differently to soundstage

for something like cs:go the hd800s is a detriment as the maps aren’t big enough to utilise the super large soundstage and can be misleading as to what angles people are holding, so you may have to look into specifically apex legends and how different headphones respond to that game specifically even though it’s running off the source engine as well

My tygr 300rs, despite being 32 ohm, are power hungry, so you likely will need some sort of amp to get them loud enough

I prefer the tygr 300rs to the hd560s but realistically whatever you pick won’t matter long term, top comp players use anything from £5 earphones to £1200 headphones, so don’t worry too much about it, use whatever’s comfiest and it’ll matter more than sound quality

when you switched from the HyperX to the Tygr 300’s, they will sound different as they’re aren’t the same headphone, so there will be a burn-in period where your brain acclimates to the new sound signature and possibly, even physically to the drivers themselves, but that is a topic of great derision.

also, like Morphitsu shared, they need moar power, so you may want to look at getting yourself an amp of some sort.

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bit of a late response but this sounds definitely like a power problem. clouds require extremely little to power so it’s highly likely your laptop just cannot generate enough juice to power the tygrs… if this is the case than it will be a similar result to the other headphones you mention. You also mention EQ which again, will lead to issues… if you don’t have enough power to keep everything balanced out it just isn’t going to work. Consider investing into an amp/dac… it doesn’t have to be anything expensive