BQEYZ Spring 1-Featuring a Piezoelectric driver?!

Hey everyone, was browsing the chifi when I seen this little puppy show up… triple driver with a piezo in it. I liked the highs on the 1more triple over which featured one as well. Curious as to how this one will work. I remember a Zeos quote from the 1more review saying piezo is normally too much treble so could be raming railroad spikes literally directly into your ears.

If no one covers them I’ll drop some cash on them when I can. :wink:

A piezo can sound really good if it’s done right. My hyla ce5 sounds excellent for treble. Although it’s pretty much v shaped to hell

I was looking at these guys this morning. I may buy the A6 mini if it ever makes it on to Amazon.

I wish Crin would graph them, they seem very interesting.

I ordered Spring 1 on the 10th of sep. Once I get them I’ll post impressions.

Nice, thanks! It’s in my under 200$ can afford bracket so the more info I can I get the better. :slight_smile: