🔶 BQEYZ....Wind

This is the official thread for the BQEYZ Wind

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: No but better with
  • Driver type: 1BC 1DD

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Z Reviews…


I’m at awe of this IEM.

Open back with BC driver? Everyone needs this in their IEM stable.


Natural tonality
Female vocals
Transparent midrange, clean
Great sense of being “sung to”
Notes are have extra physicality thanks to BC
Huge, open stage
Note propogation, no claustrophobia
Note saturation
Sense of creating a roomy 3D feeling
Layering of sound
Depth and Height of stage


Separation of sounds
Treble air
Overly diffuse imaging
Very slightly anemic lower mids
Male vocals not as filled out and solid as female vocals
Perfectly adequate via dongle, but can reach even greater heights with more power.

It doesn’t really do anything wrong. You just want even more in certain places. More air, more lower mids, more separation. That’s it!

If this had an extra 6mm DD for treble… Wow.

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