BR02 Stereo Amp/DAC Conundrum

I’ve landing on purchasing some Triangle BR-02’s for a new stereo setup in my apartment living room.

For a bit of background, these will be a small-med sized living room connected to a TV, but no other physical sources. I do not need it to be earthshakingly loud (apartment life), and want the ability to stream Bluetooth to the speakers.

I’m paralyzed by choice on what to power these things. Options I currently have narrowed down to and have the budget for (open to others though):



  • Denon pma-600ne

The SU-9 & PA3 combo does seem the most capable, but not sure if the price delta would be worth something like the Denon or the SA3, to my ears. The SA3 Bluetooth integration add-on seemed a bit janky, so was nervous with that. However, many people mention the SA3 pair well sound wise to the BR02/3. Denon option seems to be well liked here. Again, not married to these options, so if there are other routes to consider let me know.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know enough about the differences in those amps to lean either way. But to your bluetooth jankiness concern, the Topping BC3 has LDAC and an optical output.

Any update what you went with in the end?

@factorkay went with the following based on a lot of reviews which said the slight warmness of the amp helps tone down some of the sharper high-end the triangles can have:

It was a bit slow to ship, but should have it in a couple of days to give you my thoughts, if interested.

Yes definitely - that would be appreciated. I am actually converging on the PA3 as already have pre-amp (headphone amp) and seems to offer more value than the integrated amplifiers going around. Interested to hear your thoughts on it.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts. I had the BR03 and loved the sound but it was really bright also and gave me a lot of headaches. I had a class D Yamaha amp though which I wouldn’t say was warm soudning. Hope the BR02 work out!

@ExoPolitiks @factorkay update time. Sorry for the delay, but it took Iotavx a while to get the amp over.

So I have about 70ish hours into the BR03’s + SA3. Keep in mind, believe I’m still in break-in period. That being said, so far I’m really enjoying the set up. Specifically the vocal imaging is very very good. @ExoPolitiks I have not had any songs or movies in particular were I felt the speakers are very bright, even listening to heavy horn jazz music, but sensitivity can certainly vary person to person and room. However, I did pick the amp I did, as a few reviews I watched (e.g. zero fidelity) mentioned the combo works well to bring down some of the brightness a tad.

@factorkay not sure what your exact setup or intended listening situation would be, but I would budget a sub with these. The bass is quite accurate and will go low, but is just a bit quiet depending on what you are using these speakers for (e.g. bass-heavy music, home theater, etc.)

All in all, for the price point would recommend this combo.


THank you for the follow-up - appreciated!