Brands of Headphones/IEMs that are Underrated?

Due to the given landscape of audio in general being large overall, and we are pretty much accustomed to the ones who are well known for their excellent quality of sounds (AKG, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, Shure, etc.) I gotta’ wonder, what brands that are legitimately underrated and deserve more attention to us audio enthusiasts? Whether we are experienced to it or overall beginners.

anker soundcore line

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The cheaper suff tend on par with the competition though. Just ok for the price nothing exceptional

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basically china as a audio manufacturer as a whole. they get a ton of attention here in the budget space but seems to be ignored by a lot of older audio enthusiasts that have more money.


Yeah Linsoul is very underrated.

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have you guys heard of Coloud and Urbanears? I don’t know much about those 2 brands tbh.

Not coloud but I have seen urbanears around in like Amazon or walmart