Brief introduction of a new member

Hi everyone!

New member here and I just want to quickly introduce myself. I live in SF bay area and I’m working for one of the major PC gaming peripheral company. I always wanted to take this hobby seriously for the longest time but only had a chance to do so recently. You can also find me in couple other audio forums with a same username.

My first decent headphone is the Sennheiser HD598 which I bought about 9-10 years ago and still using it to this day. It resides mainly at my office at the moment.

Recently I bought the Sennheiser HD6XX, wanting to experience the amazing mids/vocal everyone is praising it for. I enjoyed it quite a bit but found that the recessed lows and top ends bothers me. Specially with some acoustic tracks. I purchased the Hifiman Ananda shortly after to get what I’ve been missing from HD6XX. This thing is something special. I like how it sounds pretty much on every music genres I listen to but then again It doesn’t have the amazing low end slam and soundstage I started to appreciate after long term audition of HE1000v2 and some Focal’s high ends. At this point, I realized I probably should be careful with my next upgrade because I don’t want to end up with an absurd amount of transducers to cover every fraction of sound qualities I’m looking for. After quite a bit of research, I went for ZMF Verite and I’m glad I did. It covers pretty much everything I look for and I can stop the chase until my curiosity takes over again :sweat_smile:

I won’t go over the dacs, amps and tubes route because those are the rabbit holes I’m in right now because this introduction is at the border of brief and long winded but I do want to mention how @ZeosPantera and @DMS have been tremendous help in my audio journey so, Thank you.

Take care everyone,


Nice, glad you have you here, hope you enjoy your stay, pretty sweet setup (also enjoying the verites myself) :+1:


Welcome! thats some pretty high end stuff you got there :+1: glad youre enjoying it all


I’d still like to know what you got. I think headphones paint a part of the picture.

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Indeed. Getting the synergy you’re looking for is tough and required a lot of research to closely predict the result you’ll be getting out of a certain component in your chain. That and add a bit of luck, you may end up with what you’re after without spending too much money.

My current favorite setup in order:

  1. Bifrost 2 [USB-RCA] - LYR 3 [Psvane CV181-T Mk.2] - Verite [Universe Perf. Suede]

  2. Bifrost 2 [USB-RCA] - LYR 3 [NOS RCA clear top 6CG7] - Verite [Universe Perf. Hybrid]

  3. Bifrost 2 [USB-RCA] - LYR 3 [Sylvania Bad Boy] - Verite [Universe Perf. Hybrid]
    Those are for music and non-competitive gaming. They give enough warmth/body to the sound w/o losing too much detail and texture in mids/vocal. The lows and highs are extended very well to sub bass region and maintain airy highs without roll-off. Just enough to round off the highs so there’s no harshness.

  4. Bifrost 2 [USB-XLR] - Xduoo TA-20 [NOS Brimar CV4003] - Hifiman Ananda
    This is my main setup for competitive gaming. This and DTS Headphone X give enough soundstage and very accurate (surprisingly) imaging needed. I don’t mind using this setup for music as well. That tall wall of sound from Ananda is quite something else.

  5. Ipad pro/iphone - Fiio BTR5 [balanced] - HD6XX
    My go to for chores around the house.

  6. iphone - Fiio BTR5 [single-ended] - Anthem Five custom IEM or 1More Triple driver IEM
    This is my travel companions.

In storage/for sell: SMSL-SU8 and Burson Audio Play [3x V6 Vivids & 2x V6 Classics]

Cheers! :beers:


awesome setup, and welcome to the forums! glad you are enjoying your setup.

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