Brokeded speakers help pls

So I found a pair of old small bookshelf speakers (Ross RE-4500) and managed to wired them up. The right speaker was working great but my left one was only playing high end (only the 2 1/4 inch tweeter was playing). I decided to take them apart to find that the magnet to the 1inch tweeter had come off and attached itself to the sub magnet. Having put it back and trying again the audio was still the same. Opened up the working speaker to see what was what and me not being an electrician I can’t figure out what’s wrong. What’s more confusing is the internal wiring for the working speaker seems to be receiving +ve power to the negative connection. Anyone have any ideas?

3 way drivers with a 2nd order crossover has the mid reversed polarity so it is not negated. The driver sounds trashed on the bad on. Sounds like the speaker took an impact that ripped the magnet off. 2 magnets should never be that close, let alone touching.

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Okay, the 3 way driver wiring makes sense. Yeah I’m not sure what happened to cause the 1inch magnet to come off the way it did (the speakers haven’t been touched for a few years so you’re probably right about it taking an impact a while ago). Would it be worth attempting to repair them/possible to repair the main driver at all? They’re fairly inexpensive speakers so i wouldn’t mind making an attempt at repairing them.

Also recently bought the topping mx3, planning on picking up some nicer speakers for when i return to university, thought id try the mx3 out on a pair of speakers i already had. Any suggestions as to what i should buy?

Thanks for your reply by the way, first time on Hifi guides.

Welcome to the forums! Sorry, I try to welcome new people, at work and missed it. Yes, you can repair. Lots of cheap drivers out there. Almost lunch, I’ll post more in a few.

The bad driver should have impedance and power rating on the back. That will give you an idea where to start. You want to find the closest driver u can to it so you don’t have to change the crossover network.