Browsing for Balanced Cables for Sennheiser HD 560s

Context: I ordered the 6XX + 2.5mm Balanced Cable from Massdrop back in late May. As a contingency, should the 6XX get delayed for months and months, I was looking at the HD560s and some balanced cables. On Ebay, I found some some balanced cables for the 560s that terminate in 2.5mm and 4.4mm.

To my surprise however, I also found a cloned listing for the 2.5mm cable, but it says it’s for the Yamaha HPH-MT5s. Now this got me thinking for a few reasons. First of all, I own a pair of HPH-MT5s, and the MT5’s product description has a blurb that reads, "High-grade monitor headphones that deliver a balanced sound faithful to the source. Second of all, the stock cable for both the HD560s and the HPH-MT5 terminate in Single Ended. Third, the HD560s can be driven balanced, but I’m not so sure if the Yamaha cans (the HPH-MT5) are truly balanced, or if that is just a marketing ploy.

Long story short, I found some balanced cables for the Sennheiser HD 560s, and they have the appropriate fitment for Yamaha HPH-MT5s. Can I use this cable for my Yamaha cans, or will I have a bad time?

Regardless, this is also a heads up for the people who want to drive their 560s balanced.

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THIS IS THE LINK ,Micity Audio Cable Replacement for Sennheiser HD598 HD518 HD558 HD585 HD569 HD579 HD599 Headphones/Balance Cable 2.5mm Plug/Headphone Audio Cord

From personal purchase it might be short for some. As for me it’s good using it with my DAP and phone. 2.5 balanced