Bruised ear from sleeping with IEMs?

Has anyone here ever injured or bruised the inside of their ear by falling asleep with IEMs in?

My wife has an unusual problem after falling asleep with her new Olinas in. For a day or two the entry area between the ear canal and the outer ear was red and a little swollen, and now she feels no pain, but there’s a bit of pressure. She says its like she has a nerf dart in her ear, and she can’t pop it / popping her ears doesn’t help.

I thought it sounded more like a mild ear infection, but she’s somewhat convinced it’s an injury, since she fell asleep with them in, and tends to sleep on that side.

Either way, she’s not wearing them again until it all clears up, but we were wondering if this is normal.

It’s probably from a bacterial build up or something for I had a similar case with that stuff back then and man it sucks big time, for there was a time when my right ear hole just gets clogged up with watery stuff, blocking my hearing on the right ear, but in time it eventually goes away as if nothing happened.

The best way I can give advice is that, from time to time, clean your ear tips with alcohol or with soap and water, depending on the material of the tips. Also, be sure to clean your IEMs as well via rubbing with a soft cloth or a microfiber towel to make it less likely for her ears to get infected, for I think it’s an infection.

If the IEMs are well fitted to her ears but gave her a problem like that, it’s probably an infection IMO.

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Yeah, that’s what I figured too. Thanks, if it doesn’t clear up in a couple of days, she’ll see a doc

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